The Bear

Each ride has specific features and flexible areas. We customize the ride to meet your requests while keeping it a lot of fun. Riders should have at least 3 years riding experience on public roads.

All tours have a non-refundable $300 reservation fee. 50% of the rider's share of the tour cost is due 30 calendar days before the departure date. This part is refundable with a 15% reduction for expenses. The remaining 50% (it may be adjusted due to changes in number of riders... this can be an increase or a decrease) is due 15 days before the departure date.

All routes and destinations are subject to change to insure a great ride. If you are making your own hotel reservations, always use the type you can cancel with 24 hours notice. We have never had to cancel a ride, but stuff can happen. We have only had to modify a ride once in California due to forest fires.

Making your own motorcycle reservation arrangements, we will set up a group with the local provider to get you a discount based on the number of riders. This is another savings point we pass along.


Red Lodge





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