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360Bikers has been creating motorcycle tours and leading rides in different parts of the United States for over ten years. We've developed a reputation for creating dynamic rides and finding creative routes while maintaining the safety of the group as a priority. Often we partner with a rental company and fly to a starting point, but it is not unusual for riders to "bring their own" and get to our starting point by one means or another.

Typically, our motorcycle tours range from six to eight days. We can make custom tours as well, focusing on key points you want to see. We focus on a ride that will be fun while stopping at those key photographic points and attractions that help make memories. We limit our riders to a range of four to twelve bikes, plus our lead and tailgunner.

Let us make your custom tour today.

Ride safely!

Rides to Join

We have a few personal rides that are designed to take care of our own, personal bucket list items. Riders are welcome to join us at no cost, but are responsible for their own bikes, hotels/camp sites, food, fuel, emergency insurances, etc. Basically, you're with us but you're not our responsibility.

The first ride begins August 2nd, 2019. This is our 360Bikers Ultimate Ride. This ride reaches each of the lower 48 and DC. It includes extended time in DC, South Dakota, and Utah. It includes longer days at several sites like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Harley Davidson Museum and more. The ride takes 40 to 45 days, so it isn't a ride for everyone. Anticipated miles are between 13,000 and 14,000. This is not a ride for beginners.

Our second ride will be in 2020 with the month yet to be decided. We are considering June right now. This will be the famous SCMA Four Corners ride. We will start in Key West and have added some roads that make this ride more interesting. Ride requirements make this 21 days or less to qualify. Then, of course, we will be planning rides home with additional adventures.







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